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features in QuickFill subscription fulfillment software — all you need:

Whether you choose a Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted installation or an in-house installation, the features in QuickFill subscription fulfillment software provide a robust, flexible system with a proven track record and all the controls at your fingertips.

The industry standard since 1989, QuickFill handles marketing, fulfillment, and accounting for publications, services, conferences, and memberships.



Here are some examples of how QuickFill is being used:

  • Audited publications (AAM/BPA)
  • Consumer magazines
  • E-newsletters
  • Newsletters
  • Online content
  • Teleseminars
  • Trade magazines
  • Traditional paid publications
  • Web conferences
  • Webinars
  • Other publications and meetings: print, online,
    one-time, recurring, etc.


“Our company has used QuickFill for over 15 years. We recently purchased the audit module and the QuickFill internet extension package. The implementation and set up of these packages was simple and cost effective. The success of our implementation was in a large part due to the staff at CWC Software. They are extremely knowledgeable and quick to assist. CWC software has the winning combination, good software supported by great customer service.”
Jackie Dupuis, Manager
Product Distribution
JuneWarren Nickle’s Energy Group

Customer Service

With QuickFill you’ll always be ready to serve your customers because the information you need is at your finger tips. 


  • Find customers quickly.
    Lookup by name, location, zip code, company, email address, customer/order number, credit card ticket number, and more.
  • See and access all of a customer’s transactions in one place.
    Multiple publications in QuickFill’s relational model database creates efficiency. Change an address once for subscribers to multiple publications.
  • Respond immediately to customers.
    Easily quick print one label or click “send email” from customer lookup screen. Print or email replacement bills, acknowledgments, or renewals.
  • Automatic seasonal or permanent address changes.
    Schedule automatic temporary address changes (e.g. snowbirds) and planned moves.   

Marketing Reports

Extensive, flexible reporting that helps you to manage, evaluate, and plan campaigns. 


  • Over 30 predefined marketing reports with various sorting options.
    Includes new order analysis, summary renewal revenue, order history, and much more. (The Audit system offers 40-plus reports.) 
  • Extensive flexible reporting and ODBC. 
    One-click export to Microsoft Excel.   
    Also, numerous reports can be run to create a QuickFill report and a comma delimited or dBase report data file. ODBC access provides potentially unlimited ways of analyzing and using your data. 
  • Save and edit work queues.
    Create job lists with reports and updates to be run together. For example, you can create a job list named month-end and save the reports and updates that you would like to run at the end of each month.
  • Demographic information.
    Collect and use customer information. (Audit system contains additional flexibility for data collection.)

Data Entry

Create fluency of policies and procedures. QuickFill gives you control and flexibility over fulfillment implementation. 


  • USPS address service.
    Web-based address standardization, verification and certification service (optional).
  • Long names.
    Space for long names and international postal codes.
  • Address data replication.
    Save time when customers subscribe to multiple publications.
  • Duplicate detection.
    Protects your database(s) from duplicate records based on a combination of user defined settings.
  • Definitions facility.
    Customize QuickFill to match your policies and procedures.  
  • Import facilities.
    Import formatted records such as those for prospects, subscriptions, transactions, and customer data.   

Promotions & List Rental

QuickFill provides various criteria by which you can group or segment prospects, customers, subscriptions and orders for promotional campaigns and outreach.


  • Premiums.
    Allow premiums to be earned by all orders or by prepaid orders only or by any order when it becomes paid.
  • Data format.
    Helps you format subscription and prospect data for imports and exports.
  • Address matching
    Cut down on wasteful duplicated mailings.
  • Wide array of selection options
    Special selections, random selections, eliminate past orders.
  • Seed name facility
    Track the usage of your list.


Includes everything you need to see the impact of transactions and updates and have a clear picture of the bottom line.


  • Accounting and audit trail.
    Quick, easy tracking of the source of each entry.
  • Multiple companies.
    Keep separate accounting for different companies.
  • Journal extract.
    Export transactions within a day, week, or date range into most accounting software.
  • Deferred income.
    Calculated at order level, reported by publication in summary or detail, future issues earnings projections.

Billing & Renewals

With QuickFill you can collect payments, renew subscriptions, and easily fine tune and adjust policy, timing, number of efforts, and the look and feel of your correspondence.


  • Flexible billing and renewals.
    Set policy on bill and renewal timing for automatic execution.
  • Combination bills.
    If you choose, automatically create combination bills for unpaid orders with the same billing address and order date.
  • Automatic renewals
    Subscribers can be billed or stored credit cards (using FSI Worldpay) can be charged upon renewal.  
  • Delayed billing.
    Make special offers, such as no bill for two months.
  • Credit cards.
    Real-time on-line credit card processing.


Put your brand at the forefront using QuickFill’s Form Designer or an outside program. Your data is always readily available to customize as you choose. 


  • Form Designer.
    Customize bills and renewals. Move text and images around on the page, add your logo, change colors. Includes many preformatted designs.
  • Predefined form layouts.
    Simplify customer communications with standard forms for bills, renewals, acknowledgements.
  • Mail merge.
    Create letters to customers using your word processor.

groups, gifts, agencies

QuickFill provides what you need to manage and serve subscriptions involving multiple parties.


  • Group subscriptions.
    Add, change, or delete ship-tos; even in the middle of a subscription.
  • Gift subscriptions.
    Send the renewal notices to the donor, donee, or switch from one to the other. For group gifts, create bills, renewals and acknowledgements listing all the ship-tos.
  • Agency Subscriptions.
    Billed to the agency. Specify discount rates for new and renewal orders (or no discount at all).

tax & postage

Experience a smooth flow between establishing what is to be charged and calculating and reporting on sales tax and postage fees. 


  • Multiple sales tax rates.
    Charge sales taxes in more than one state and charge different rates for special locations. Also, QuickFill can automatically assign and report on tax jurisdictions based on customers’ country and postal codes.
  • Postage and handling.
    Computed on up to 26 self-defined mailing classes including periodical, air mail, bulk mail, and first class.
  • Postal Presort
    QuickFill interfaces easily with the leading postal presort packages.

systems integration

With QuickFill you have options. Access QuickFill and your data via an in-house  network, the Internet, or ODBC.


  • Cloud-based SaaS available.
  • ODBC Driver.
    Connect from outside applications like Microsoft Excel and Crystal Reports for read-only report access to your database. 
  • Built-in backup and restore program.
  • Support for Windows printer drivers.
    Choose the fonts that you want when printing from QuickFill.
  • Multiple workstations.
    Networked systems allow multiple workstations without a dedicated server (reduces per-user costs).


Using the audit module you can record required information and produce the reports needed to verify your data and meet AAM and BPA standards.


  • Audit Module.
    (extra-cost option)
  • AAM/BPA auditing.
  • On-demand publisher statement.
    Check your statement and verify audit pool. Change statement categories to highlight characteristics of your readers.
  • BPA computer-to-computer audits enabled. 
  • Import mass requals.
    Makes requalifying readers or members fast and easy.
  • Online requal.   

online sales & service

QuickFill Internet Extensions (Qfie) is an extra-cost option that allows for seamless integration between QuickFill and your website(s).


  • QuickFill Internet Extension. 
    (extra-cost option)
  • Control access to online content.
    Use subscription data to control access to areas of your website and webinars.
  • Email renewals and requalification forms.
    Save on postage and boost renewal rates and audited subscribers.
  • Website self service.
    Customers may order, pay, renew, and change addresses online.